Fruitful marketing discussions in Leiden

2018-02-13 News

On 7-8 February 2018, CENTR held its 25th Marketing Workshop in Leiden, kindly hosted by SIDN (.nl).

In addition to the regular exchanges on campaigns, promotions, channel relations, TLD anniversaries, content marketing and more, European ccTLD registries also focused on market research results on the customer buyer journey (what motives the purchase of a domain name). Participants also visited the offices of TransIP, the largest registrar in The Netherlands, to discuss best practices with regards to registry-registrar relations. The group also benefited from a comprehensive overview of millennials' profile and how to market to that segment thanks to a presentation by Tracy Cheung (PhD) of Trendsactive.

Attendees to the meeting also took some time to discuss the future of the CENTR Marketing Working Group, highlighting its relevance and suggesting many ways to improve workshops even further. The second day was also the opportunity for contributions from afar, with two Skype presentations from Canada. The meeting was wrapped-up with talks about topics for the joint Administrative and Marketing Workshop at the Jamboree on 1 June in Moscow.