CENTR Jamboree 2018

Event overview

Date: 30th May - 1st June 2018 Time: 09:00 - 17:00 Azimut Hotel Smolenskaya,
Smolenskaya Street 8,
Moscow, Russia
  • Joint 38th CENTR Technical / 12th CENTR R&D workshop

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  • 56th CENTR Legal & Regulatory workshop

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  • 9:00

    • Data to understand our markets and to drive business

      In this session, we will explore how we can understand our markets using data and how to apply that knowledge to drive business. We will be taking a look at recent market research from the following members: .ru, Verisign, IEDR and Nominet. We will also discuss how all that data can be used in practice to support sales and business priorities.

    • Dealing with content in practice: crawling and removing fake web shops

      In this session Elmer (Labs) & Chiel (Registrations and Service) will showcase the technique behind how SIDN detects fake web shops under .nl with DNS-EMAP and what different practical steps we take to lower the number of fake webshops under .nl based on this information. We further hope to hear from the participants their experiences with regard to fake webshops and the methods used to diminish their existence. And we will unavoidably touch on some legal aspects of it all.

    • Future CENTR Membership services: have your say!

      In this session we’ll explore how CENTR will continue to serve its members. Focus will be on working group support and access to services and data. We’ll look into the current collaboration model and check if it can be improved. What rewards can we give to contributors and those that share? What incentives can we give to those that don’t, so they engage in the community?

    • All things agile, Scrum & DevOps

      Last year, your hosts Maarten Bosteels and Sascha Kämpf had a lot of interest and feedback for their DevOps session, which is why they would like to do a follow-up. They will shape the session with the participants, be it the "Chocolate, LEGO and Scrum game" or an interactive discussion on all things agile, Scrum and DevOps.

  • 10:30 - Coffee break

    • Mentoring with experts

  • 11:00

    • Using marketing & communications to build brands

      One of the key tools for efficient product sales is good branding. In the context of the ccTLD industry, this means leveraging marketing and communications to highlight the strong differentiators of country code domains versus gTLDs and social networks when trying to establish an online presence. This session will explore how various ccTLDs are building their brands to effectively compete and build their domains under management.

      The session will involve presentations by Afnic, Nominet and CIRA. David Fowler will open the session on the importance of branding in the evolving domain market. This will be followed by: Afnic (Emilie Turbat, VP Marketing) who will present their experience with corporate branding; Nominet (Helen Tomes, Director of Marketing and Service Delivery) who will present their experience with an evolving brand architecture; CIRA (Paul Sarkozy, Senior Manager, Product Marketing) who will present their experience with the evolving branding for .CA.

    • Loving drop-catchers, monetizing domains and premium domains

      Let’s discuss on the way we manage expired domains and the registrars that try to catch them: should we regulate that business? How could we take advantage of it? How to launch premium domains (like generic terms or 1&2-character domain names)?

    • Experience with GDPR

      By the time this session will be taking place, the GDPR will have entered into force only days before. Timing could not be better for registries to share experiences with implementing the GDPR at all levels: legal, technical, operational, communication-wise, etc. Join us to discuss updates, successes, failures, and also challenges ahead towards (full) compliance.

    • Facilitation: from Idea to successful execution

      In this 90-minute session, Elena Dugina (I-Consulting) will be covering the following aspects of meeting facilitation: 

      1. Google economics: why facilitation becomes an essential instrument of management of an organization; people (employees and employers) in the economy of transition and engagement; when can we use facilitation.
      2. Preparation for facilitation: how many meetings do we need; who has to be a member of a working group; how many people to invite and how many sessions to plan; which place is better; if we need a professional facilitator or when and what we can do ourselves; how to choose a good partner.
      3. Aiming and result design: translating expectation of stakeholders into methodology; choice of methodology and work on the content; possible roles and formats.
      4. During the facilitated sessions: choice of techniques and possible outcomes.
      5. After the facilitated session: collecting results; translating results; using results for company needs; preparing for the next session; recent case studies.
      6. Business simulation: work in groups; preparing facilitation for strategic sessions; group presentations & feedback; Q&As.

      Elena is an expert in leadership & strategy, lecturer of EMBA programmes at Kingston Business School, Russian Academy of National Economy, visiting lecturer at SKOLKOVO, Harvard University, and Managing partner at the Agency I-Consulting.

  • 12:30 - Lunch break

    • Lunch

  • 13:30

    • Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS)

      Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) is a fun, engaging and fast team game which helps establish a better understanding of security measures among team members and decision makers. It fosters initiative and analysis skills. There is no deep security expertise needed to play the game.
      During the game teams represent IT Security of a company that has Oil fields and delivers the oil to its partners. The company has all the typical IT infrastructure available like any normal Oil & Gas company should have. The oil industry is one of the most attacked verticals of last years, so no surprise that different variants of threats appear – from the most primitive malware causing website deface to a highly actual ransomware and a sophisticated APT.
      Custom-build software simulates how dramatical the impact on revenues will be if players do not make the right stategic cybersecurity and associated management decisions. Be brave and take a chance!

  • 14:00

    • Up and cross-selling: what works, what doesn’t

      Registry lock, data, Business Intelligence (BI), abuse management… What do we or can we propose to registrars to make them grow? How can we synchronize to boost our cross/upsales? Co-leaders wanted for this session: feel free to reach out!

    • IoT = Internet of Threats, or opportunities?

      The “Internet of Things” (IoT) enables many new devices with the promise of all kinds of exciting services and applications. At the same time however, the IoT also poses widely acknowledged risks in terms of security and privacy. These developments are also relevant to our community, as this session will demonstrate.

      Several speakers will discuss their views on the implications of IoT to security and privacy, as well as the opportunities that the IoT could bring to our community. This session features presentations from AFNIC, CIRA, CZ.NIC, SIDN Labs, and the Russian Internet of Things Association.

    • Digital identities and trust frameworks

      Since September 2018, mutual cross country recognition of notified eID system will be mandatory in EU. Some registries have started using eID for registrant data validation. Some registries have deployed or are about to deploy eID platforms. New projects like LighTEST or ID4me try to integrate DNS and eID. This session will try to explore possibilities for cooperation in this area.

  • 15:30 - Coffee break

    • Mentoring with experts

  • 16:00

    • Tableau software training

      Tableau is a popular business intelligence tool focused on data visualisation.  The session will show you how to use Tableau to explore and visualise your data efficiently to build reporting and analysis tools for your organisation or stakeholders.  The session will be highly practical demonstrating how to connect to and structure data, creating and manipulating data and charts, building end user dashboards with interactive features and interconnectivity as well as explain options in publishing.

    • DDoS protection

      In the last five years, DDoS attacks have grown bigger and bigger. Will these attacks ever stop? Come to this session and learn what our challenges in near future are and what we can do about it.

    • OWASP explained

      Recently the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) released an updated of the top ten vulnerabilities. Taras Ivaschenko, one of the leaders of the Moscow OWASP group, will explain the changes and the top 10 vulnerabilities, and how to mitigate or avoid them in the future.

    • How to lead people

      In this 90-minute session, Dr Maxim Kiselev (Skolkovo Innovation Center) will be covering the following aspects of leadership:

      • Economy of transition and people: essential changes you need to know to manage successfully.
      • Modern concepts of leader and leadership: move from charisma and functional leadership to transformation leadership.
      • Capabilities and skills. 360. Change of role of the leader in the organization (vs boss).
      • Steps of leadership.
      • EQ & IQ. Emotional leadership: practical use.
      • How to become a leader and to develop leader in yourself.
      • Leadership and cycle of organizational change.
      • Engagement and feedback.
      • Business simulation: how we give and receive positive and negative feedback, how to manage feedback according to your aims; feedback, Q&As.

      Dr Kiselev has over 30 years of experience in psychological practice, research and education. He authored a manual for MBA students on “Leadership and Ethics. Emotional Leadership” (2008) and worked as a C-Level Manager at multinational companies. He is now working as a Director for Leadership Programs at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech).

  • Joint 34th CENTR Administrative / 26th Marketing workshop

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  • 15th CENTR Security workshop

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